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Autolab Tester


Hi debe,
so you suggest that those two condensors be replaced or am I mixed up with the messages that radiodoc is listing?


Yes those 2 ive marked in red were not a reliable brand capacitor & they are from the 60s so they are getting on. As am I.

Scotty 2

Hello all
I've just found one of these Auto-Lab condenser testers (model 215) but it doesn't work so well.
I have a request for Mr Debe if I may. Is it possible to get the capacitor sizes for the 3 capacitors up at the top of the panel please? I can see the .27UF on the big sucker down the bottom. It was crook on our tester. The sizes of the other capacitors I cannot read.

Cheers and ta

Scotty 2

Hi Scotty,
would my Model 196 be of any help? If so which are the ones you are referring to?
Hello Cobba
Positioning is different but you may be able to locate capacitors relative to other items such as the coil looking thing that plugs in next to the valve. I see one is the little button capacitor in yours. It's connected between the valve and the plug in coil thingo.
Cheers Scott