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Baker Power Pump Model B1 Heller-Aller Company Information



My wife and I have been cleaning up around the farm and came across an old well pump. We are posting this to see if anyone may know more information about this pump?

The pump has some information listed on the side. It says: Baker Power Pump Model B1 Heller-Aller Company Napoleon, Ohio.

I found a website that has pictures of this model pump. Here is a link to the site and more information:


What year were these pumps in use? Are they common pumps? Would this pump be considered an antique? This pump is in condition and still functional. What would a pump like this estimated value be?

Thank you for your time and information!


Bob Willman

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I live about 30 miles from Napoleon. In the mid 1990s I visited the the Heller-Aller building. The plant was closed but the building was up for sale at the time. The windmill fan patterns were still hanging on the walls. Some patterns still in the foundry area. There were brochures for their products still in the office area. The gentleman that took us through the building said that an Amish gentleman had purchased all things having to do with their pump products. The building no longer exists.


John Schwiebert

That is the later model. I live 13 miles from where the factory was. The one at home was new in 1954 and was used 2004 when my mother passed away. They were one of the last manufactures of windmills. A lot of the windmills in later years were exported to South America. I had a Heller-Aller stock tank and someone stole it!

Johnny T

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That's about the most common sight to be seen when viewing the countryside of North West Ohio. You'll either find an old pump house, or out in the barn yard somewhere will be a galvanized cover over one. Many are still in use today, I know the neighbors house across the Rd has one, as it's my family's homestead house. This pump drive was installed with electric motor to replace the old windmill that used to be present on the same well. The angle iron is still in the concrete where the windmill stood.


The pump division still exists as Hitzer, they also make wood stoves, they are in Berne, Indiana. That is, they make the hand pumps for wells. Yours is featured in some of my earlier catalogs though, I think late 30’s and up.