BARABOO Swap 2008


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Got back from the BARABOO Swap, about 10:30, Saturday night. I'm sure it wasn't anything like LeSueuer was, last weekend, but it was still wet, cold & downright MISERABLE, most of the day!!! :rant: Sold only 1 item...$$$$$ is tight & didn't see much of anything change hands. I bought a part for my Son's Maytag & had 3 Bratwurst...they sure were GOOD!!! :D Saw a number of old friends, made a couple new ones & most likely alienated a few others! Oh well...there's always "next year"!!! :bonk:


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Well...I loaded in the rain,I drove in rain,I bought and sold in the rain and cold and wind...then the sun came out and everyone went home.:faint:
Visited with many Stakers and others and I don't think many stayed home because of gas prices or bad weather.
I saw these guys with that git-r-done attitude.
The one in the Prizm said he had more to pick up yet.:crazy:
"Do you think this will hurt my mileage?":shrug:
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Dan Cerro

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I don't think you had to be concerned with the engine falling out of the trunk... "BUT" hopefully it did not fall through the trunk on to the highway??????? got it done though!!!

Ken Majeski


Well I had a Pretty Good Time.... Found a couple odds and ends like 2 crankcase breathers for my G Moline, A Steam Lubricator check valve for 3 Bucks... Ect..

Picked up a NOS Fuller & Johnson Pulley in the original Crate for a fellow stacker, Had to help take apart a Large engine truck and Load it into my Goat....

There were a few Pretty Nice engines for sale there, Like a 10 HP M, Dempster, and an Uprite Fairbanks to name a few.

A Nice Original F & J 5 HP Saw Rig was sold in the auction....

Heard one of our Stackers Loaded a Delco Light Plant into the back Seat of his 95 Buick... Hope he Made it Home On Time.... :D Yup... Like Jeff said some of these guys had that "git-r-done attitude" and they did get it Done..

Attended the Annual Meeting for the Wisconsin Historical Steam Engine Association.... My Dam Fone Kept Ringing...:eek: