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Baraboo, WI Show- No Gestapo!

John C. Neagley

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Just arrived home last night from the Baraboo show. Hauled my 1922 Chevrolet roadster pickup up and back. My Nephew and I had a wonderful experience while there. Truly outstanding show and outstanding, very nice people! No hassles, just pleasant memories of a very outstanding show and showgrounds. There is something there for everyone. Steam, both running stationary, traction, and portables. The best show sawmill building and active sawing all day. Flea market and a big variety gas engines and tractors displayed. Antique autos and trucks. Threshing. Buildings of skilled craftsmen and ladies and much, much more. The Badger show is at the top of my list as far as all of the quality shows I have ever attended over the past 50 years. If you can make it, don't let this one go by without planning to attend in 2019.


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John I agree 110% with your comments about Baraboo! I first went in 07, hit up Portland on my way home as well. Got to say I enjoyed myself more at the Baraboo show even though we had a foot of rain that weekend. Everyone was so nice there, it was well organized and the quality/diversity of the stuff on display was just amazing. Went back in 2010 for the F&J rally and had a similar experience. I've been to a lot of engine shows and Baraboo still holds the #1 spot for me. I only wish it wasn't so far away!