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Bates Steel Mule Hesselman #35 and #40

Bud Tierney

A site I forgot to note states Bates crawlers used Hesselman type engines in Models 35 and 40 in 1934 and ???
I find a model 40 with a Wauk VBKH (a Hesselman) for 1936-37..
So far (it's late here) nothing on model 35...
A Wauk oil fuel "diesel" engine with spark plug ignition is a Hesselman.
Does anyone have any original Bates literature that describes the make/model of the special sparkplugs the Hesselman type engines require??
If anyone has one of these, could you advise what sparkplugs are in it now, and if they run the engine acceptably?? (I'll run the archives in the morning).
All comments appreciated; many thxx!! Bud