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Be Safe Around Moving Parts!


I could scar ya'll for life with gruesome construction accidents. Dad lost a finger while wearing his 18K wedding ring. Just loaded the backhoe on a trailer. As he jumped off to bind it down he placed his hand on the outrigger to stabilize himself. Ring caught, flattened out and sliced his finger to the bone. He was left hanging off the side of the trailer by the da^#ed ring. A guy on the pipeline lost (last I heard) both eyes when a hydraulic line exploded in his face. Besides oil being injected into his eyes he also had several thousand fragments of the braided steel in his eyes as well. he seen oil spray lifted his safety glasses for a better look and it was the last thing he seen. Worst I know of was a guy on my dads pipeline crew. He was a laborer working in the bottom of the ditch. The were boring under a road for the pipe. Using an auger he was lining it up and using a level to get the right trajectory so the auger would come out where needed on the other side of the road. He gave the operator the signal to turn on the auger and checked it again. The laborer disappeared for a few seconds before his hardhat flew out of the hole. operator shut it down and went to check on him only to find him wrapped up on the auger. His camo pants caught on the auger, Auger all but climbed his leg. Gruesome part is it cleaned his basement property of all skin. Sliced him like a razor blade all around his "friends" and pealed him like a banana. One of the boys was gone and other was playing tag with his ankle. Quick thinking the crew packed everything on ice, got him to the hospital and all was saved but the friend. He lived a comfortable life after that even having offspring but dang that's a bad way to get there. Anyone have some rope? I need to tie my knees together now.


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I mentioned this in a similar thread on the gas engine board, but I'll post it here too.

Many times, its the family of the farmer that is first on the scene of an accident. Oftentimes the wife in particular.

Make sure your family members are also familiar with farm machinery safety, and just as importantly they know your equipment well enough to turn it off if you are unable to for whatever reason.

When I took tractor safety courses as a teenager as part of scouts and 4-H groups I was with, they made sure to mention all the times where the farmer's wife finds the tractor still running with her husband being rolled around inside the baler, and all she can do is panic because he never showed her how to stop the engine!

Russ Hamm

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We had two locals that got trapped under the bed of a grain truck in separate instances in the same year. One lived right around the corner from us, had the bed up, got his coverall sleeve hung up on the cable linkage. His wife found him after he didn't show up for supper.
I reamed out a few guys over the years here at the shop for no jackstands, life is short enough boys.

John C. Neagley

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A farmer in our area was chopping corn stubble. Things got plugged up. He got off the tractor without disengaging the pto. His bibs got caught in the drive shaft. Needless to say, it was a cold walk back to the house and he would never have children again.


...he seen oil spray lifted his safety glasses for a better look and it was the last thing he seen.
Reminds me of a now-retired coworker at a non-profit I used to work for. Apparently, when he and his younger brother were kids, they were messing around with a refrigeration compressor, and at some point it started acting weird, and then blew. The younger brother quickly ducked behind his older brother, but the older brother wound up with the full force of the blast to his face. He sees just well enough to walk around inside a building unaided, but to read, he must have the paper close enough his nose is up against the paper. He also had a 27" monitor for his computer AND special magnifying software to expand the text further. Protect those eyes people!