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Beauty of a Hit & Miss engine on E-Bay

I've offered Ed $25 for the engine if he will end the auction early. I think it's worth that much....maybe even a little more.


Thats a beauty of an engine, but holy smokes its at $13,900 and the reserve has not been met:bonk:, for that kinda money I'd want something I could at least ride, would it fit in a motorcycle frame:D


$15,600.00 and reserve still not met!:eek:
If you want to ooh and aah some more, click on the seller's "ME" link next to his feedback score. There's a link to his personal website where one may see that the engine for sale had a lot of fancy company, or so it would seem.

Lot's of "top drawer" stuff there. I've bought a few trinkets and beads from that seller over the years. Always worked out great. Other than that, I don't him at all.

He IS selling a pretty fine looking engine!