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Beiler's Auction Feb 24 & 25, 2005

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George & Helen Myers

In Memory Of Helen
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Beiler's Auction - Leola - February 24th & 25th

Sale begins at 8:30AM. Antique tractors, engines: new, used & abused farm equipment. Thursday: tractors, new equipment, used farm equipment, miscellaneous. Friday: antique tractors, antique gas engines, miscellaneous antiques, cast iron seats and literature at 9:00AM, tractors parts & gase engines at approximately noon. John & Elias Beiler's Auction, 601 Musser School Road, Leola. More info. 717-656-9733.

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Leonard Keifer

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On Friday it's a good idea to be at the engine rings early, if I remember correctly they started selling engines around 11:00 last year.

Let's hope for decent weaher this year.
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