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Belt Sander Drive Gear Wanted


I have a Skill belt sander model 594 type 3. The main plastic drive gear broke. This unit is at least 35yrs old and Skill no longer has parts. I have called numerous other sources but to no help. does anyone know where I might find one of these parts or something that might replace it. It is very nice small sander and would like to keep it. I have used others that I don't like as much. Any help will be appreciated.


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McMaster Carr has gears and I am sure others do,too. Perhaps you can adapt something.


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I have made a number of gears from plastic cutting boards of various thicknesses on bandsaw. Optain cutting template from the web. Mathias Wandell has a free calculator on his web site Woodgears.ca. Also great source for woodworking ideas.
Good luck. I would post pictures of some but am aeay from home on tablet.