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Berini Cyclemotor

Scotty 2

Hello all
Here's an engine I found in a mate's shed that I reckon a heap of people would appreciate. A 32cc (?) Berini Cyclemotor (?) from the Netherlands from the early 50's. It seems it has a Wico Bantamag for the sparky bit.
My mate had it on a bike when he was a whipper snapper and the reason it's off the bike now is because he wore it out and it was rebuilt in the mid 70's.....and it's still not on the bike. :O
Anyways I took some pictures of it for you to enjoy. And then I put it back on the shelf in his dad's shed.

Cheers Scott

As you'd see it if you looked at it from in front of the bike. The black mudguard looking thing sticks out the front

The drive to the wheel


Scotty 2

I remember one of those when I was a kid! A couple of the Italian kids had them. Ian
Hello Ian.
Believe it or not but when this engine was on the bike and running it was called "The Wog Rocket" by the local lads. My mate is Italian.
He, and the rest of his mob, thought the engine was Italian. I don't know whether not to tell him it's Dutch. I just haven't got the heart. :eek:

I picked up a complete and original (except seat) Speedwell from the 30's a little while ago. I sent him a picture to see if he wants it to mount his engine on. Haven't heard back yet.

Cheers Scott