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Bessmer and Reid Models

D Davis

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Hello : I am looking for the blueprints and or instructions for the 1/4 scale B&H Bessmer and Reid engines . Also is there some place that sells the ( pot ) oilers for the Reid ? And where is there a good site for model engine parts ? I am new to the Model Gas engines and I am just looking for a little direction . Thank you all for any and all information and help .


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good luck!! b&h was bought out years ago by bob hartman in michigan, he casted and sold a few of the reid and bessemer models. but bob passed away a few months ago. the patterns are still alive but are sitting idle as of right now... the only way you could find blueprints at this time would be to find someone that has built one of these models and has saved them...

debolt machine has a verry good selection of model engine supplies with good quality and reasonable cost.

pm research as well has a good selection...

hope this helps :wave:


i have the bessemer drawings but they were badly damaged in a flooded basement a few years ago. i you are looking for specific info i may be able to help