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Bing Steam Engine with Shipping Crate

Larry Evans

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A good friend of mine just bought this at an estate sale. It came in what we think is the original shipping crate and packed in excelsior. There was no paper work or instruction manual. If possible we would like to find a model number or name and any possible sources for an instruction manual. As far as we can tell it seems to be absolutely complete. Here are some approximate dimensions:

base = 18 x 20", engine base = 6 x 12", flywheel = 6" diameter, 24" to top of stack, and boiler = 4.5 x 11.75 " (11 x 30 cm.)

Below are some pictures.

Thanks for any information,
Larry Evans



This is a Bing Uniflow Poppet Valve engine. Probably made post 1917 since it has that logo on the cylinder cover. This is the largest size they made and is fairly rare, especially in the condition it is in.

Very nice find

Jim in Minnesota


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That's the nicest looking toy steam engine I think I have ever seen. It's almost in pristine condition. Not only would I clean it, but I would see if there is a professional restorer that could fix some of the chipped paint. It's an object d'art.