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Bovaird magneto bracket and mag trip?


Might anyone have a picture of what a Bovaird and seyfang mag bracket looks like? also the 5/8 by 5/8 bar that pushes the trip lever on a wico mag? is it made of brass? how is it connected to the pushrod? Thanks for any help.
Re: Bovaird Mag bracket and mag trip?

On a Wico OC the bar is cast iron and has a roller on the end that runs on a cam or eccentric on 4 cycle sideshaft engines. On most 2 cycle applications, the bar has a clevis and pin that attaches it to an extension rod that goes to an eccentric on the crankshaft. The end of the bar that goes into the mag itself is tapped and has an adjusting bolt with a locknut on it. the head of this bolt contacts the brass lever to trip the mag. <p> There is a Wico manual available for viewing on the internet somewhere, but I can't remember where it is. I'm pretty sure there are illustrations and set-up instructions in the manual. There may be reprints available from advertisers on this site. It shouldn't be difficult to reproduce one of these bars if you need to. Most of them I have seen extend about 2 inches or so outside the mag case when they are installed. I have seen OC mags installed in various positions, and the bar moves about 1/2 or 5/8" to operate the unit. The open side of the slot in the mag case that the bar runs in is covered by the mag bracket, which is usually cast iron and machined flat to form a bearing surface for it. A bar made from 5/8 keystock and tapped for the adjusting bolt and drilled for a pin ought to work fine for a 2 cycle application. A roller type would be a little more difficult to produce, but not much. The bar needs to fit snugly in the mag case, but it must move smoothly and freely. Mags on 2 cycle engines are typically mounted alongside the cylinder and a foot or so away from the flywheel rim going toward the cylinder head. A fabricated bracket should work OK, but it needs to be rigid, and the mag should be mounted as nearly in line with the travel of the push rod to the eccentric as is practical, and where it can be reached safely. Very long plug wires are best avoided. Most push rods are adjustable as to length via a threaded collar-coupling to aid in set up.


Re: Bovaird Mag bracket and mag trip?

Good deal, Thank you for the information..i had made a 5/8 bar of brass but was ignorant of the bolt adjustment..and did not know how bar was attached to pushrod. i had been trying to dream up some adjustment at that end..with your information, i will rethink my bar..

i had guessed that the pushrod had an offset in it to allow the mag to be bolted near the engine frame. my bovard ecentric is 7 inches offset from the bolt pads in the engine base. i just finshed fabricating the parts for a mag bracket that allows for this 7 inch offset and plan to use a straight pushrod. it will work, i just wanted to frabricate something that at least looked like the orginal....but alast....no pictures....

as a side note...i think i have the only known Reid DCM in existance...should be fun making parts for that by guessing what they look like.

Thanks for the help. gives me more confidance in my approach.


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Re: Bovaird Mag bracket and mag trip?

Not sure which engine size you refer to, but we took four or five shots of one at Portland in August.

Pictures are here if they are of any use to you:


We have the originals if you want one enlarging for more detail.