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Boynton Plummer Shaper

This is my Boynton Plummer shaper ... I am in search of a correct flywheel as mine is missing... I believe the shaft is about 1" dia. They made different size models but im not sure if the flywheel was the same on each model or not? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks George


Hi Mr Bill
Thank you for that offer... that may be an avenue to pursue if I can't find one anywhere... I even thought maybe someone may have one that I can borrow and use to cast one from.

Travis McCoy


I took the flywheel off my 6" B&P shaper this evening. Attached are two pictures of the flywheel and my machine. That is an awesome base you have on yours, George. Mine doesn't have an original base, but is instead mounted on part of an old cream separator.

Here are the flywheel measurements:

Diameter: 14"
Rim: 1-3/16" Thick X 1-5/16" Wide
Center hole: 1"
Hub Dia: 2-1/8"
Hub Overall Length: 2-1/2"
Hub length from spokes (edge, not center) 1-1/8" on one side, 5/8" on the other
Spokes: Serpentine shape, 3/4" wide at rim, 1-1/8" at hub, thickness 1/2"

These are all approximately close with a tape measure. You wouldn't necessarily need serpentine spokes on the flywheel, but gosh they look sweet.

Hope this helps gents, and glad that Harry added this category to the forums.