Bridgeport tooling.


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what size mill table and Is it a R8 spindle? Last fall I sold J head Bridgeport mill. Now I got a bunch of milling tools left.

Greg Shipley

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Hey, I am interested in the tooling, not sure on the spindle size, I know the quill only moves 3.5 inches, and the table is 36 inches long.
I pick it up the 20th so can tell more about the size, might be able to get info before that.

Rob Charles

Hi, Never heard of r3 tooling. There is a B3 tooling though.They fit a fixed spindle(no Quill) head. There should be a letter in fron tof the ser # on the head. That is the model.If the head has a quill it may be an "M" head they use eaither B&S #7 tooling or morse #2 tooling. Good luck. Rob

Greg Shipley

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Got the mill home today, here are a few pics.
The only number I can find on the machine is on the side base door that has a small brass tag that says MODEL BH 1948
The motor is stamped 1/2 hp. The table is 36 inches long. The quill tool hole is tapered and is about .710" at the end and tapers down as you go up in it. My calipers measured .690" about an inch or so up in the hole.
Tooling suggestions, manual suggestions and general information is very welcome.



bruce burgess

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nice mill

i like the old and heavy built stuff,i recently picked up this 1949 clausing after a bunch of elbow grease and some repair it shows very little use because it sat under a guys workbench un-used scince 1964.

i would like to find a heavy mill like that