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Briggs, all models


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Attention iron hunters, yesterday I bought a briggs zz from a guy on the Mass. Conn. boarder. He has a mountain of stuff scattered up into the woods behind his house. He was a heck of a nice guy and happy to show me his stuff, tractors, 2 model a trucks, small dozers and piles of motors, Briggs model A, B, K, and probably another Z, and that was just one pile. I also saw a bunch of old Wiconsins and others. I cant give out his private info but his Ebay user name is TRACTO, you can contact him through there. I couldnt spend any more than I did but its a shame to watch all those projects rusting away. He isn't giving this stuff away but will wheel and deal. There were also 2 hit-miss engines (probably parts machines). He isn't listing most of the stuff but its for sale just the same. Good luck.