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Briggs and Stratton 9hp on small Hale pump

Aaron W

I've bought a fire engine and it has two pumps, one a PTO driven Hale centrifugal pump, and a small Hale 15FC-B23 which is driven by a B&S engine.

There is enough label left on the engine that I can read 9HP @ 3600. This small pump is mounted inside a compartment and I've not been able to find the data plate to confirm the model # of the engine. I believe it is a Model 23A.

The truck is a 1958, but paperwork I got with it suggests this small pump was added to the truck between 1963 and 1967.

Unfortunately the truck has been neglected and left out in the elements for at least 10 years. This little pump at least had the shelter of the truck body to protect it, but it has obviously been there done that.

My hope is to clean it up, get it running.

I guess my questions would be to verify that I'm dealing with a 23A, and to find out what parts availability it like for these things.

Thanks, and hey 2 posts in 4 years, go me. :D

I'll try to get better about that...


Bruce Dorsi

The B&S numbers may be stamped into the flywheel shroud on the side by the air cleaner, or on the front of the shroud, or on the side of the shroud on the rounded area, or at the flat surface of the shroud near the sparkplug.

Depending on the year, the numbers were stamped in various locations, but most likely somewhere on the shroud. ...Earlier models had a nameplate riveted to the cylinder baffle where your existing decal is located.


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I thought the pump is running backwards but I think there is a gear case between the engine and pump.

Aaron W

I have some documentation on a Hale 15FC which says B&S Model 23A, but things change so I didn't want to assume this spec sheet from 1969 is accurate for an earlier pump. I also have an operators guide for the pump that came with the truck, but it makes no reference to the attached engine.

Yes there is a gearbox between the pump and the engine.

I have no intention of trying to work on this pump in the compartment. :eek:

I already have an email into Hale to try and get information on both this and the PTO pump.



Briggs model 23 engines have 9 head bolts. The type of air cleaner you have on the engine tells me it is about a mid 1960's engine. I have seen many Briggs model 23 engines used with Hale water pumps.

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Check under the flywheel when you get it off. Most Briggs engines have the date cast into the rim of the flywheel. Also, where is the coil / magneto located ? Under the flywheel or on the outside of the flywheel on top of it ?


With the shroud off, look on the underside of the shroud for indications of metal numbers stamped on it. Sometimes on rusty shrouds you can tell where the numbers were stamped and even read some of them on the underside. Sounds like you have a fun project. Good luck.