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Briggs and Stratton odd spark plug


First time poster looking for some help. I inherited an old wood splitter, on it is a 9 hp briggs (pictures to come) trying to get it running but can not find a spark plug. It has 16Mx2.0 threads for the plug but I have not been able to find anything that will match it, all plugs come in either 14 or 18. Desperate for some help before I resolve to extreme solutions. Engine says EZ spin 9 hp but no other identifiers that I can see. Please help if any other info is needed ask.
P.S. No internet at home so checking site is not always easy. I will try to make a prompt return.

John Newman Jr.

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Hello & Welcome to the 'Stak.:wave:
If your engine is labeled as "EZ Spin", then it will have ID numbers stamped in the edge of the blower housing. Likely on the side near the carb.
Please post all numbers to give us a better idea of exactly what you have. It should have Model, Type and either Serial or Code numbers.
The first digits of the Model tell you the cubic inch displacement of your engine. If it has a Code number, that will date your engine: YYMMDDxx. A Serial number is a little harder to date, but there are tables that will get you close.
I have never seen a 16mm sparkplug, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any...
Are you sure that the head hasn't been stripped and fitted with an insert of some sort? (And is still attached to a 14mm plug)
Pictures, please.


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Any chance the engine has an insert in the head, to repair stripped plug threads? Oftentimes the insert will unscrew with the plug, giving it the appearance of having unusual threads.