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Briggs -FH- Running....


I just finished going through this engine to get it going.
when i got it, the coil shoes were rubbing on the inside
of the flywheel. I used a sharpie to see where & found
that the south magnet was fully contacting the upper
shoe of the coil, It completely rubbed off my sharpie
marks!! the flywheel has a slight wobble too. Either the
crank is bent or the flywheel or mag plate is warped some.
Someone had the mag plate off too & left the old gasket there
& just used silicone to glue it back together. I removed all of
this & checked if I could lift up on the crank or tap on the coil
shoe to see if the rubbing would go away or tap on the crank with
a brass drift or the flywheel with a rubber mallet but no luck.

I then tried sanding then filing some
to remove the rubbing, but it was a slow going process to
repeatedly assemble & check. What i did was stick a bolt through
the starter cup holes with an eye bolt linked to it so i could spin
the engine with my drill & use valve lapping compound on the coil
shoes & flywheel. I spun it up for 5 minutes Then sanded away the
lap marks.

The points were worn out & I had spares I soldered in. The coil wire
was soldered to the coil & I removed it with a file & cleared the wire
hole with a small nail, Then stripped back the wire & tinned it,looped
it through the hole & stabbed it back up the insulation & crimped with
needle nose pliers. Cleaned the points with folded over 220 grit sandpaper
that I rotated back & forth when the points were clamped on it instead of
pulling the sandpaper through.Made a mag plate gasket & assembled.

The carburetor choke valve tube was crushed with plier marks & the choke
valve spring stay was rusted away. Also the fuel pickup tube screen filter
was gone & the fuel nozzle was clogged. A bristle of a wire brush is small
enough to clear it & i had some brass screen i twisted a gasket punch on to
make a new filter. Check ball was ok. I had to un-solder the choke valve &
stick a socket down the tube & tap with a small hammer to re shape it & then
soldered it all back together & thread on a new chock stay spring, make a
carb gasket & re-assemble.

When it started, it had too much oil & was smoking because i topped it off
with new oil to the top of the fill plug. So then I drained some out so the
level was at the base of the fill hole & it fixed this. when It was running for
some time, It quit because the jet clogged again & I discovered the fuel tank
was very dirty inside & when I took it all apart to clean it I found a ton of
sludge in the oil pan mostly blocking the oil pump pickup screen. I cleaned all
this out & made new base gaskets & now it runs good. I did notice that as it
ran It was cooking the cylinder head paint so someone must have painted
this engine in disrepair. I'm not sure if they made the base to go with it or
not. If so, It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me why they didn't go
through the engine beforehand?? Oh well.... I am happy to take care of it
& grateful toward the gentleman that was saving these & sold this to me.


Tony Glaser

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That's a nice running FH you did a nice job. Pretty early one too. Question for you, does the head have a flat edge to it where the muffler is mounted? Or is it completely round? On my earliest FH the head is completely round serial number 1416. Just curious when that change might of been made. Again very nice engine.


This one has a flat under the muffler on the cylinder head.

I took some more pictures of it, the first video was a bit dark.

I like the barrel pulley for the leather belt it has. I could hook it
up to an old rock salt Ice cream churn.

Or maybe make an oak beam
stand on scooter with C-channel metal frames bolted for the rear
wheel & angle iron for the headset supports bolted together with
square nuts & hardware?

Then again, I don't want to hurt it, It has brass bushings & such & is 80
years or so.... what would you do???



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Nice work!

I have one with straight fins and an external governor on the PTO side. The flywheel and mag plate are made of some pretty soft aluminum alloy and are both warped. Could be what is wrong with your flywheel. The separator between the crankcase and fuel tank on mine was rusted completely through!