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Briggs model IMT and AMT

Tom Schaech

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A fellow collector and I happened upon two
rare Briggs and Stratton inboard engines the other day. Both are model IMT, circa 1939. Unfortunately, both engines are missing the transmission, which was produced by Briggs and is a fairly simple setup used on models IMT and AMT. It used a combination of pulleys and a flat belt to effect both forward and reverse operation.
Anyone out there happen to know where we could locate one—our plan is to reproduce a few to complete not only these restorations but to have some available should more turn up. We would be happy to work out an arrangement to the benefit of all parties. Thanks!!!87FDE791-2A2C-4213-BAAC-1F3113FA3E93.jpegC80872A3-69DA-406F-9EB2-EAFF511BF07C.jpeg