Briggs straight fin model FI question

My engine looks really good. Gas tank seems pretty clean, kick starter in fine shape and engine turns over freely. The exhaust valve is really stuck. Fortunately I caught it before trying to turn over the engine.

What are some good tools, and tips for freeing up this delicate valve without damage?

Thanks for any help.


Pull the other valve out and remove the spring and keeper from the stuck valve and soak it with Kroil a few days. Then use some heat from a propane torch on the head and try tapping the valve out with a flat punch but go easy as those stems are fairly soft. It should come out.

Andrew Mackey

If the valve does not move with a few TAPS (do not hammer on it), continue soaking a bit more and use a hard plastic hammer against the valve stem. DO NOT use a metal hammer, you wil mushroom the valve stem. it didnt get stuck in a day, it proobably will not come free fast either!. Take your time and you will be rewarded.