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Briggs & Stratton Model 6 Restoration


Top notch work there. I discovered the other day I have a model 6 and they do use a small Flo-Jet carb. The model 6 and the model 6s are so different from each other. When I first found it I thought was a late model 8 because they look so much alike. Once again, 3 thumbs up on your work.
Thanks! Here’s another Model 6 that I restored.



love that bluish paint color. I just went and looked at my model 6 and noticed the air cleaner to carb spacer was much shorter on mine. I also noticed from the holes in the blower housing, mine once had a recoil type starter. It now has a rope cup in it's place. Mine Is missing the screen that keeps junk out of the blower housing. I have spare parts, so I can replace the recoil setup if I decide to go that way. Mine also has the vent tube from the valve chamber cover to the air cleaner spacer. I like the look of the model 6 over the look of a model 6s.