Bringing back faint printing

AZ Gary

Anyone have a good way to bring back faint printing on wood? I have a old upright corn sheller I want to restore but can't identify with anything I can find that works with what I can make out of the original printing.

Rich Mueller Sr

Re: Bringinng back faint printing

Sometime,s a flourescent black light, or what the 70,s gen had for mood lighting on posters, sometimes it will bring out stuff you can barely see not always, so it could be repainted by a good sign painter..

Tom Fleming

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Re: Bringinng back faint printing

try a light coat of linseed oil over the area. by "hydrating" the area, the blending of observed color from oxidation is reduced. While it won't "restore" the stenciled letters, it will increase the contrast, and subsequently your ability to see it.


In Memory Of
Re: Bringinng back faint printing

Lemon juice and a heat gun. UV light first, then as you apply heat. Don't scorch wood. Try lemmon juice before any oil. Info is likely stamped in wood. Stamped area should be denser than surrounding area, thus uptake liquid at different rate.