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BTH magneto

Norm Johnston

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You can usually find spring steel at a small engine repair shop. from pull cord rewind mechanism just have to look to you find the right size and then drill the holes, remember cut the spring to length after you cut the holes so as not to distort the spring at the holes. They usually have a few broken ones in their scrap


Use Google to find the magneto repairers here in Oz. The maggyman in S.A. is very helpful with parts for me in the past. I forget the other main maggie repairer but there are a lot of back yarders as well.


Thanks Norm and Steve,

We tried to make one out of a clock spring at a mates place on Sunday. The clock spring was impossible to drill, extremely brittle and kept breaking.

I called past the mower shop today, they had just had a clean up no scrap parts for free, so I bought a new pull cord recoil spring.

I cut a long piece and drilled the holes then trimmed the length, thanks for the advice. The holes were still very hard to drill, I took my time.

All put back together and throwing a big spark again.

Thanks again for the advice, Adam