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For Sale Buckeye whistle

Greg Johnson

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Nice Buckeye whistle made in Dayton, Ohio. Bell is 2 1/2' Diameter. Overall length is 12". 3/4' pipe inlet. A few light wrench marks on hex. Whistle valve is free and appears good. $60833860185__B47D5407-6015-4FBD-9845-E328085AFE79.JPGIMG_5638.jpg250.00 plus shipping OBO.60833860185__B47D5407-6015-4FBD-9845-E328085AFE79.JPGIMG_5638.jpg60833860185__B47D5407-6015-4FBD-9845-E328085AFE79.JPGIMG_5638.jpg
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