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Buffalo Springfield Steam Roller


First post here.

I've recently acquired a 1924 Buffalo Springfield horizontal boiler 10 tonne Steam Roller.

It's mostly complete, except for the original throttle valve and governor.
It is in Ireland, having travelled from Canada, I don't know of any others in Ireland, I believe there may be at least one in the UK.

Information seems to be rather scare for these machines, did many make it into preservation?

I am looking to acquire the correct throttle valve if possible, looks to be a 2 inch, right angle valve, with flanges to bolt it to the top of the cylinder block and to the governor.

I've a copy of Robert Rhode/Raymond Drake Classic American Steamrollers, and Robert has been very helpful to date.

Any further information or photos appreciated.


Welcome to the stak. I'm not sure if it is like yours but there is one at Midwest Old Threshers, Mount Pleasant Iowa.
Thanks very much.

That looks to be a Kelly Springfield. Very similar machine, made by one branch of the company before they combined with part of Buffalo Pitts to form Buffalo Springfield.


Here are some pictures of a couple machines I know of.

There seem to be plenty of BS rollers and parts kicking around. A couple years ago I acquired a complete engine for a vertical boiler model, so finding a governor and throttle shouldn't be impossible.
Thanks for those.

Yeah, hopefully. I've not had much luck thus far, but being based so far away and new to steam, it's a learning curve.

I've an engineer lined up to do an ultrasound on the boiler and firebox, will have to remanufacture most of the tender and rear water tank as they are heavily corroded.


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Their are three examples here in Ontario.Two of them are of the tandem style and the other is a loco/traction style.Their is also one Buffalo Springfield gas roller here in Ontario....or atleast that i am aware of

Matthews SCM Buffalo Springfield Tandem Roller.jpg
Cleave Laidlaw 18hp Buffalo Springfield Roller.jpg


Bringing this to the top again to see if anyone knows of a throttle valve available.

I have been in communication with Robert Rhode, author of Classic American Steamrollers, and he was able to provide me with an interesting piece of information. The roller I'm working on was for sale in Ontario, Canada in 1986, based on an ad in the Iron Men Album magazine. So a rather interesting piece of history I'm delighted to have been given.

Seeing as it's over 30 years ago now, I don't know if the man involved is still on the go. The phone number in the ad is still in the phone directory but is linked to a different name.