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Bushfires in New South Wales - Queensland and Western Australia


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Yes well, as I read and see the graphic vision on tv of the fires in NSW and Queensland and here in WA, I wonder if we will ever have a politician of any party say that we are facing an emergency such as we have not previously experienced and they will have the guts to do something positive about it and not come out with the usual platitudes. I'm not talking about climate change but doing something about fighting these fires. More waterbombers, do you recall the Australian government gave Indonesia five Hercules transport planes, ideal for conversion to fire fighting. We need more money for fire brigades and volunteer firefighters. It's too late for many homes but building regs must include more fire prevention.

But no, we spend money on the never-ending cry from our so-called ''First Nation'' people. Curtail some of these oversea's study trips that our politicians make that would buy some fire trucks... but it won't happen and it seems that is only going to get worse!


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Going to try and get home tomorrow. Hopefully the highway will be open all the way home otherwise I do have a plan B to get home via some secondary roads which at the moment are open. Tomorrow will tell more.
Re: " Bushfires ''

Yes it is true they could do with more resources but the budget has money allocated to all departments and it's not so simple to cut one budget and give to another. Every department has their own reasons why they need more. But more to the point there is things that could be done much better with the budget they have. They could do more cool season burn offs to reduce fuel loads. And for me they should allow firefighters and volunteers to actually fight the fires. The few times I've seen them in action it was a shambles.
yes i agree with you all so i hope all are safe and can return home .
as i have been involved in several large fire in the south west over the years with machinery.
it was well organised we pushed roads with dozers and graders and no questions aked and new where we all were .
now we are controlled by greenies and city people who do not like smoke .we need to burn when the forrest floor is moist so we only burn the litter and undergrowth .but they do not like the smoke.
if we burn this way it does a good job and does not affect the trees and create fire balls.
our goverment has to stand up and be accountable.
Actually, since the introduction of the emergency services levy that we all pay on our rates (in WA at least, not sure about eastern states) the amount spent on fire services as well as other emergency services has increased considerably. More efficient fire fighting technology can't make up for experience and trained firefighters on site.

I was a fire control officer in Quairading for 30 years only resigning when I moved down here to Bunbury and in the early years of my involvement it was extremely hard to get anything funded for the local brigades to the point where in our shire local residents fund raised to purchase a lot of the equipment themselves because the government wouldn't assist. By the time I left the funding situation was a lot different and if any brigade had a good idea/project if they put it forward and got shire council approval for it then it was normally funded well and quickly. The problem comes that in a severe emergency, no matter how much money you have thrown at the problem the reality at ground level is that you will never have enough trained people to do the job because the population isn't that big.

Good luck to all involved and I hope the fires are brought under control quickly and with as much damage avoided as possible.

Cobba, hope you get home safely and everything is well !


I live at the head of a gulley to our North-West that has not had a hazard reduction burn in the near 50 years I have lived here. Heaven help us if fire comes this way on a day like tomorrow.

Scotty 2

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We need more money for fire brigades and volunteer firefighters.
No matter how much money you throw at these fires, they will still burn and destroy property if pre-bush fire season planning/fuel reduction procedures aren't implemented. There's a fire just over the hill from the farm that's been burning for over a month. No access.
What is needed is new policy where fuel reduction burns can happen, better access into fire proned areas, people made to clean around their properties and to allow horses and cattle back into State Forests (under strictly controlled conditions) simply to reduce fuel levels.
The bloody Greenies have caused these fires to be as destructive as they have been. They are destroying this great Nation and it's native fauna and flora.
On another note is that the Volunteeer firefighters are simply buggered around here. They're out nearly everyday fighting fires as well as trying to keep their family and full time job responsibilities. A lot of them are leaving simply because they cannot juggle all the demands placed upon them.

Cheers Scott


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Well we made it safely home today and boy it was no wonder they closed the highway in a couple of places just going by what we saw as an after effect. Armco barriers look as if the galvanising was burnt off them, scorch hot mix and tree trunks turned to charcoal but with crispy leaves still forming a canopy. Smokey as hell here still and tomorrow is already been classed as a catastrophic day for the fires with 37'c temps and high winds.
We have a plan together and ready for action if required but I feel confident enough that the fire to our western side should not come to us and the one to our eastern side has gone to the coast and further north.
AS I was tucking into breakfast this morning before packing up the van I was watching the news when I could not believe that one of the Green Pollies was up there blaming the Federal Government for the fires because they dig up and sell coal. At times you just need a bloody big stick for idiots like that. I noticed that he had no intentions of helping the many people under threat or for those poor souls who have lost their lives because the Greens have for too long now held us to ransome and not allow back burning, litter reduction and general maintenance to help slow down the fires when they do happen.


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It went backwards today south of Taree. The Hillville fire is out of control again and threatening Nabiac and could join up with the fire across the highway at Failford which goes to Tuncurry and up towards Old Bar but not connecting. Highway closed agian from Buladelah to Taree, Old Bar Rd and Lakes Way. Today we started getting burnt or charred leaves everywhere on the ground. Fortunately none are hot or glowing as embers so good for now. The Lansdowne fire to out west is tending to threaten Wingham west of Taree and a heap of other villages. Bobin has been devastated with homes lost. It would be nice to see it all end.


Have just come home from the van in North Haven on the Mid North Coast of NSW 41kms north of Cobba.
We took the chance of the highway being open to get home. The trip home was a sad trip with approximately 35km of burnt out bush, just before Taree through to about 3ks out of Nabiac both side of the highway just blackened trees and the ground gray with ash and a few burnt out homes. As we neared the Failford road area the fire was kicking off again with police ready to shut the highway north and South once again. Helicopters were already in action. A BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE FIRE FIGHTERS.