buyer has 92% activity with the seller, shill bidiing?


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Sometimes I notice I bid and someone is automatically bidding against me. Then when I look into this, I see what to me seems very much like a shill bidder who has a huge amount of action with the seller and not a lot of feedback either with anyone else. Ebay now hides identity so harder to track the buyer action.

So I wonder how many sellers are pumping the prices, then when it sells to their shill, their alternate identity, they just relist. Does EBay demand proof of a completed delivered transaction to a buyer?

Sometimes I play along for fun and bid up the price myself and then just quit, then I get a second chance offer from the seller.
I will also do that for somethings I am interested in but not real interested and think the buyer is getting it too cheap, sort of a game, things I don't mind owning. It generally makes the buyer pay 10$ more for something. I see that a lot with electronic stuff.

There are auctions where you can just tell your not going to win no matter what, because of the auto bids