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Buying & Selling protocols question

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John Newman Jr.

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My question for Harry is this:
If Joe Schmoe posts that his XYZ motor is all set to go, except he needs a left hand kanuten rod to finish it up, is it acceptable to offer one for sale to him in a reply? I am guilty of this and hope it has not gone on my permanent record labeling me a persistant trouble-maker. I know you (Harry) keep up with what's going on as I see that you regularly add your wisdom to the various posts. I'm just trying to get along.....
John Newman, Jr.
Saint Louis, MO


Staff member
The Stak pages are non-commercial for a couple of reasons.

1) Buy and sell information gets old real quick and posts here aren't deleted like in the classified ads. As a result, we would be delivering stale information after a few days.

2) It would be easy for commercial entities to spam their wares and their links here and that would get out of hand real quick.

Exceptions: A person looking for a hard-to-find part that might take a long time or a miracle to get ahold of it.

It would be best in that case for you to respond to them by email. Once they have found their item, they can have a moderator remove the post or mark the thread closed.
Not open for further replies.