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Buzacott 2hp stationary engine


the con rod bush is now replaced
I have found a gasket set in Bridbane and will pick it up tomorrow
Any comments on the ring gap would be appreciated


Was the gaskets from Don Reid?

I'm away for the moment with limited data but use Mr Google to ask about your ring gap, sorry I meat the piston ring gap. Type 'ring gap' in Google and you will have a quick reply.

David Syme

Hello Ingledew,
Ring gap 3 thou per inch of bore, if bore is three inches 9 thou gap.
If fitting new rings remove ridge at top of travel.


I have reseated the valves and honed the bore
There was what looked like a water mark down the bore that honed out
Hopefully that was the problem with the compression
When I checked the spark there didn't seem to be one, I removed the case of the magneto and there was a considerable amount of oil came out, not where the points are
Is this normal or has it been on its side at some point
I understand that there would be some oil in there but wouldn't think it would be full of oil
On testing the spark directly off the coil there seems to a weak one
Any advice here



No oil inside magneto is best as the oil conducts electrickery and shorts out.
Sounds like your making good progress with the rest of it too.