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Buzacott Farm Pumper Serial 11383. First Start Since 1963 Aprox


Well holy smokes folks! I got her to go! Many thanks for the help everyone, Eddie bedwell, you were bang on in the end. I loosened the maggy mount nuts and lifted it to the top of the holes. Then I wound the bottom nut up on the maggy trip spring assembly. This pulled the spark forward a small amount, enough to fire.
I also set the plug gap to 0.013 inch. It was about twice that.

So I spoke with Don Reid, and he gave me some interesting info.
The page for my serial number 11383 is missing. So he could not tell me exact details, like where it was built, or who it sold to.

The previous page last entry was no 11150, built 28th March 1936.
The next entry was no 11413, built 8th August 1936.
So it’s built mid 1936. I know it was sold to it’s only owners, and spent it’s life on a property in Dingo, central qld.

After about 6 years for me to restore her, and not having run since about 1963.. a hiatus of about 56 years...

Pardon my messy workshop!.....


Thanks again so many of you fellas. It’s so pleasing to win up with this, as I thought it had beat me.
I just wish me old dad could see it!
Thanks, Murray.


Re: Buzacott farm pumper . Serial 11383. First start since 1963 aprox

Great work and love the big grin of success, well done. Makes me want to go to the shed now and start Flo but I still have the neighbours offside from Sundays sand blasting. :D


Re: Buzacott farm pumper . Serial 11383. First start since 1963 aprox

Thanks Cobba👍
I know what you mean with the neighbors. I bought an 84 Chevy c20 with a diesel v8, a few months back. She smokes like a bushfire on startup.. gotta choose a time when no neighbors are home to go for a spin😂