C&C Electric Co.

Doug Kennedy

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I have this old generator was wondering if anyone has any information about the company and what it might be worth. Doug:shrug:

Sorry should have posted these the first time. Will get some better ones soon, and some mesurements. :bonk:


Don C. Wiley

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That's a pretty rare find. It's difinately worth restoring. I don't know any thing about the company, but the generator was probably made in the middle to late 1800's. As far value, it depends on where you are and who's there. I wouldn't even venture a wild guess, but it will be in the hundreds.

"DELCO DON" :p:OSouthern Illinois:shrug:

Bud Tierney

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Don't know anything about generators, but the company name wasn't familiar as a gas engine driven one, so Googled C & C something (forgot what) and got a whole raft of C & C Electric companies all over the country...
Was looking awhile ago for "Phoenix Foundry" , and it turns out every second or third foundry in the country was named "Phoenix", which is a neat name for a foundry, once you think of it...
So I assume "C & C' has some similar connotation for generators or electricity, which I can't bring to mind; would someone satisfy my idle curiosity??
Oh, if you Google "C & C Generator" an old book comes up on Google Books that has some tech drawings, per the title page, for C & C units, with apparently other C & C hits I didn't look at.
Many thxx for any enlightenment!
Doug, what you have is an early DC electric Bi-polar Dynamo that was made by the Curtis & Crocker Electric Co. The company was formed in 1886. It was most likely run with a steam engine and used to produce electricity in a factory for lighting. If you Google Curtis & Crocker Electric Company you will find out that Crocker also former another company in 1888 that was called Crocker-Wheeler Electric Company and also built early Bi-polar Dynamo's and Electric Fans, all of which today are highly collectable. I have approx 30 of these types of Dynamo's in my collection from a verity of different manufactures. These two company's are just a couple of the early players in the development of electrical dynamo's.


First off, I have very little experience in this area. That having been said, I think that any really old bipolar generator like yours will bring very good money on ebay. It may not bring as much as a high profile name like Edison, but I'd expect a selling price of between 2000 and 5000. Keep in mind that this is just my best guess, based only on the fact that it's a bipolar generator. They're pretty rare.