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Cabin Fever Auction Bargain Ritter Dental Compressor for $20

Gil Garceau

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Sometimes an auction will cough up something
I don't need for such a bargain price it cannot be ignored.

This Ritter Dental Compressor is one such item.
When The bidding stopped I raised a hand and won it for
the princely sum of $20.

At that price it was too good to ignore.... even though I already
had a couple and this one was in dire need of a new power cord.
These things run in near silence.

The replacement power cord was from a retired 1970's
or 80's Jensen heater firebox rig that was badly rotted.
I set it to shut off at around 40 psi and it comes back on around 30 psi.





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That's really neat! I saw one at a local antique shop that was priced at $250! :crazy: Granted it was much more ornate, with pinstriping and all, but still. :shrug: Would love to have one someday, just need to wait for a reasonable deal to come my way. :brows:

Paul Spence

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Gil: Here is one I picked up at the local "FLEA" market years ago. It had a glass bell over it, but it was broken long before I got it. Seems I have another style someplace around here :confused: .




My neighbor just gave me one just like this. An you tell me what oil to put in and where to put the oil in?


John Dunn

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How many PSI do these generally develop?
I have the motor / compressor unit from one of these, no tank. I have it hooked up to a hose with a blow gun and pressure gauge. It kicks out at 65 psi, on at maybe 25. Check valve works perfect and Everything is sealed air tight. I can leave it plugged in for weeks at a time without it kicking on and the pressure in hose is just enough for the occasional small blast of air needed when cleaning things. It runs for just a few seconds to recharge hose.