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Caldwell-Hallowell info


A few years ago I picked up a Caldwell-Hallowell at an estate sale. I think it is maybe 1 1/2 horse maybe two. I am in the process of thinning the herd and a fellow is interested in purchasing it. I want to give him a fair price but seem to find little about this engine. I have not seen one at any of the shows I have attended so is it a rather uncommon engine? Any input?


Andrew Mackey

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Alternatively badged waterloo manufacturers engine? Many similarities. in governor and ignition. I would hazard a guess at around 5 to 7 hundred, if running. General going rate for a 11/2 to 2 HP H&M engine. Prices may vary, depending on rarity and location. It may be worth more, certainly not less.


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I agree, It is not all that uncommon. It is a re-tagged waterloo engine. $5-700 is a fair price here in the midwest. I have seen them priced higher at swap meets but at the end of the weekend they are still on the trailer.


Thanks guys. You pretty much confirmed what I had in mind for a price. We shall see where it goes at this point.