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Canadian 14-28 and IHC 12 hp tractors to be at Olds, Alberta

The Reynolds-Alberta Museum is excited to be taking two of our tractors to be on display from July 18th - 20th at the 60th World Plowing Championship, held this year at Olds, Alberta. The 1908 International Harvester Company 12 hp friction drive tractor and the 1920 Canadian 14-28 tractor will both be operating at the vintage tractor show. This is a rare chance to see a Canadian 14-28 tractor running.

The Canadian 14-28 tractor was manufactured in 1920 by Alberta Foundry and Machine of Medicine Hat, Alberta. It weighed 7,000 lbs, had a 2 cylinder cross mount engine, 7” bore and 8 ½” stroke, and was capable of 14 hp on the drawbar and 28 hp on the brake. It could pull three 14” plow bottoms or operate a 22 x 38” separator. Its maximum speed was 2.5 mph. The manufacturer promised Western Canadian farmers a low-cost machine, since freight charges and import duties would not be a factor in the cost of this Canadian-made tractor. Advertisements also stressed that the Canadian was easy to operate. The Canadian tractor sold for $1,200 CDN. Despite these marketing strategies, the tractor was not a success. Fewer than 50 were produced, and only two survive today.

The 1908 IHC 12 hp gas traction engine weighs 9,100 lbs, has a single cylinder, water cooled engine with 7” bore and 12” stroke. The transmission operates by the engine sliding on the frame to engage the friction drive. This tractor also features a waterfall radiator. It is the oldest gas traction engine in the Reynolds-Alberta Museum collection. IHC entered the tractor market in 1906 by adapting their Famous line of stationary engines to a friction drive traction truck.

We're looking forward to having these two tractors out running, and hope to see some SmokStakers at the show!



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Sounds like an excellent event - but sadly, another one to miss:( - just too busy this summer.
But, we'll trust that you will get plenty of video of both tractors in action. It would be great to hear the ol' Canuck running!:O
How long has been since the Canadian has ran . Was it runnable when the museum got it or did it require a lot of work.
The last time the Canadian was running was about 14 years ago when it was taken down to a show at Pioneer Acres. It's in the shop right now for a tune up. It had been restored by Stan Reynolds and his crew sometime in the 1960s for display at the new Provincial Museum of Alberta (today the Royal Alberta Museum). We don't have any photos on file of what state it was in when Stan got it, but I'm assuming it required a fair bit of work.
Its great to hear something interesting and old will be playing alongside all of the newer machines. I was out there dropping a competition tractor off last weekend and its shaping up to be a great event. Lynn and the crew have done a great job, and I'm glad to see there will be more than just plowing there to keep people entertained. Look forward to seeing you there!

We're looking forward to showing off these older tractors next to the new machines!

The other Canadian tractor is in the Western Development Museum at North Battleford. I haven't seen it myself, so I'm not sure what condition theirs is in.
Hello Laurel

Thanks for the pictures. We met Wednesday at the Reynolds museum when you and Randy gave us the tour. We will be at the ploughing match for two days. Looking forward to see the Canadian running. I looked at the Canadian from the WDM at North Battleford. It is an older restoration and painted a different colour to yours but looks like it would run.
Hi Laurel,
It was good to see the tractors out running and to meet you and the crew at the show. Did they get the Canadian running again for the parade Saturday?, I feel sorry for the people who tried to farm with them given how awkward it is to start:bonk:.
Unfortunately they didn't get the Canadian running after it decided to be uncooperative on Friday. :( Seeing the problems we had with the Canadian puts it into perspective why it never became a popular tractor! Luckily we got some footage of it running at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum, although it's not great quality (was just taken with Randy's iphone). If I can figure out how to upload it I will share it here! Hopefully we'll be able to get it running again so we can get some nice quality footage to share.