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Carolina Fly-Wheelers High Country Crank-Up Boone, NC

Come join us for our annual show, the High Country Crank-Up in Boone, NC. The show grounds are located on U.S. Highway 421 South, between Boone and Deep Gap, NC.

Come see model engines, small air cooled, and hit & miss engines in operation. Also, tractors and equipment.

2019 Flyer

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Mike in NC

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Two weeks to go!! Hope to see some of the Staker's there.

Big Bird

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I had the opportunity to go to the high country crank up.... It was a good little show, I went for the first day and met up with Mike in n.c aka. stak member #28. .....
It was good to put a face to another stak member... and I enjoyed the conversation with mike... he had several lawn tractors and quite a few Briggs engines on display and a really neat little portable flex shaft grinder...
hell I even won the first drawing of the 50/50 raffle... so it was a good day in the high country....
Hey Mike... when it gets cold up here .. remember you have a open invitation to come on down to the Florida flywheelers show... Just bring a few Briggs with you and some tee shirts and shorts with you because it's about 30 degrees hotter down here in December than it was for the crank up Here in July....


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I was there saterday.Good show.I didn't get to cover it quite as well as I wanted to as when the Electrac died,I had to ride the Ankle Express and I huffed and puffed until I had to sit down.
But I just like the feel of that show.Pull up,unload ye stuff and go register so you can get a reminder card for next year and sit back and enjoy the show.

David Wilson

Went to show on sat. great small show,saw several people I have know for years.One thing I noticed was lots of young people taking part so maybe some of the talk I see on here is not everywhere ,I saw lots of families, makes a difference !


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Wanted to go to this show, But my wife desided to move some kidney stones, so we went to the hospital to get them removed . They got all 4 of them. Better it happened now because we are going to Canada , Ill. & Wis. to tractor shows for the next 4 weeks, Hope to see you next year. Roger Weinhold AKA Charlie 1925: salute: