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Case 15-27 crossmotor new project.


Didn't really need any more projects at the moment but couldn't resist the attraction of this one at a local auction! Engine, steering and back end are stuck but is all complete apart from the mag as far as I can see. I've got a couple of queries about it so far, firstly it seems to have some original paint on it and the wheels are definately the same green as the rest of it, is this correct? Most I have seen have red wheels? Another head scratcher is a pipe that seems to run from the radiator top hose to the bottom hose, under the fuel tank, it looks original and is the same bore as the upper and lower hoses but can't see what it would achieve? Really keen to get into it but must get the Rumely out of the workshop first!


Phil Johnson

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There is a picture in the service manual that shows this connector pipe.
There is a thermostat in the bottom "T" connection which closes off the flow thru the radiator until the engine reaches operating temp. It then opens a valve which re-directs the flow through the radiator.

This is from the service manual for the 10-18 and 15-27 Case C/M.

The unit is called a "Sylphon Thermostatic Regulator"
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Thanks Phil, that makes sense, will have to get some manuals soon. The t-piece is missing and I'm guessing finding a "sylphon" is going to be tricky? Will have to try and get some photos and dimensions to make a new one.
Thanks again.


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Congratulations, it looks like a good start. I'm in the middle of an 18/32 right now. let me know if I can help. Progress has been slow on mine lately.
Roby Whitehead