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Case/ Fordson folks

Russ Hamm

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That is a real nice tractor!!! What is the story about it?
I didn't read the facebook discussion but I would bet that is a factory experimental during the tractor wars. Notice inline flathead engine, Fordson front wheels and axle, 12-20 rear wheels and fenders. I think the steering wheel is even a Fordson center.


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Wonder what year it was taken? Definitely has the looks of the pre production concept of the C. Definitely weren't worried about whose parts they sourced, so it surely wasn't intended for production in that form.


They ruined a good Fordson!! All joking aside it looks to be all Case except possibly the the front wheels and axel. Ford bought in the wheels for model 'T"s from either Hayes or one other company that I don't recall, so these may have been out sourced too.
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Phil Johnson

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There are the same pictures and information on this tractor in the Case book "Full Steam Ahead" by Erb and Brumbaugh. It was an evolutionary development model leading up to the Model 'C'. It was designated as the Model G.

Engine was a flathead 4 X 5 bore and stroke. 1200 RPM. Shipping weight 2660 lbs.