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For Sale Cast Iron Non-Compression Gas Engine, Type D Casting Kit


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Unmachined ductile iron castings & full machining plans to build the Type D non-compression gas engine like shown in the pictures. A lathe & mill are needed to machine the castings & make parts to build this engine. For a gas engine this a fairly simple engine to make.

typed auto pop color (2).jpg

-The finished engine will stand about 10-1/2" tall & will weigh about 9 lbs.
-The engine runs off gasoline or most other fuels. It uses a spark plug & needs an ignition coil & battery to run.

The machining plans contain simple, clean & clearly dimensioned CAD drawings, all printed on 8.5” x 11” paper. There is also a computer CD full of pictures of finished engines, machining set-ups, jigs, additional information, etc. that comes with this kit. The castings are made from high-grade ductile iron & clean up easily with an air die grinder, carbide burr & files.

A video of a finished & machined engine running can be seen on YouTube at;

More information can be found on my eBay page at:


Please email about any questions,

-Nick Rowland
6252 Johnston Rd.
New Washington, Ohio 44854

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