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Caterpillar R5 Info??

BOB White12

We didn't have much wheat to cut this year and It was way behind everyone else's wheat, So I decided to cut for a different crew. Anyway both combine's were broke down and while we were waiting for parts I decided to snoop around the property and saw this parked in one of the storage shed:
I don't know much about it but I'm wondering what the specifications are on it. There is very little info on that I can find and info seems sketchy. It says R5 on the side and it has a 4H968 serial number on it. Any info on is appreciated and ill see if I can find the history on it.

Norm W

That machine is about 14,000lbs. The R means it is a gas/spark ignition tractor as opposed to Diesel. About 1500 were produced. That was an ag tractor and they loved fuel.