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Champion post mounted drill press

Lonnie Grissom

I bought old post mounted drill press last dec at old farm black smith shop. It had been converted ove to electric power. The original fly wheel .was hanging on post be side drill. Tied to the drill press were to wrenches that fit the square headed screws that that were used on drill. Hand crank screw. Chuck screw that held bits etc. what I'm asking did these wrenches come with drill when it was bought new. I've have been around these type drills. For 81 years and it is my first time to see these type wrenches.

Pete Spaco

A total guess here, but----

I have seen and worked with a couple dozen of drill presses from that era, both the post or wall mounted variety and the camel back style.
I have never seen on with the wrenches attached.

My guess is that the guy who had it before you got the wrenches somewhere, like at a flea market and attached them to the drill to keep the "period" pieces all in one place.

If you intend to use it, I'd suggest that you get a jacobs style drill chuck for it. I usually buy a half inch chuck that has a 1/2-20 thread, then buy a 1/2-20 bolt and cut the head off. That fits into the drill bit socket on many old post drills. You may want to file a flat on the shank.

Unless you want to locate a set of Silver and Deming half inch shank drill bits for it. The problem with that is that it's almost impossible to find S&D bits smaller than 1/2" these days.

Pete Stanaitis

Bob Willman

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The Wood County Museum in Bowling Green, Ohio has a post drill in the blacksmith shop with 1 original bit in the chuck. I am tempted to make a set of bits using pieces 1/2" rod with the bottom end drilled to accept modern bits and set screw them in place. To the untrained eye they would look like the original bits, would fit in the chuck and the bits could be easily replaced.



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I have a Buffalo post drill that was my grandfather's along with drill bits and the wrench that came with it. I know it came with a wrench because I also have an original parts list and diagram showing the wrench. From this information I would assume other manufactures included a wrench also. I scanned the page and hope I can attach it.


Lonnie Grissom

Thanks to all replies. My dad had a bs shop back in 1940's. He gave me the tools which I have now passed on to my son . Dad sold his post drill in the 1950's. Tried to find it for re purchase, never did. So I bought the one I posted about. I do have a lot of the old bits that we had when I was a kid, plus I've bought a lot of them at engine shows that I've attended over the years. It was my job to turn the blower and drill holes . As an 8 year old I thought that was the hardest jobs of black smithing.