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Cheap CDI Ignition Unit


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Well chaps, I have looked for a cheap reliable, small compact ignition system for petrol ic engines. And so far, this is the bet I have found. . . . . . .


$20 for a complete system including the hall sensor. And they have twin cylinder versus too for another ten dollars. This unit will output three sparks In Quick succession. I have one here and its going on a friends cnc made engine. I will let you know how it goes. This unit make a big spark !

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Re: Cheap CDI ignition unit

Colin, they're getting cheaper, I paid about $30 for mine. It worked pretty good until I accidentally burned it out when my engine ground came loose.

I replaced it with an S&S kit at $40 I bought it at Cabin Fever last winter. Fairly easy to assemble and it doesn't seem to mind an occasional loss of ground, although I would not recommend being careless about keeping an eye on your engine grounded properly.

Don't forget, for slow running models you'll need about 20 degrees additional spark advance with the Hobby King ignition.


Re: Cheap CDI ignition unit

Take a look at the Black Box ignition, it has a better spark and is made here in USA and can be serviced. I have read about CD ignitions for years & kept up with what small CD ignitions are the best. I will post a link to the video & data. Capt,n

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Hear is the video of the Black box ignition.


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Here is the address for the Guy that builds & repairs the Black Box CD ignition. This ignition uses the same circuit of one of the best units that has been around for may years.

John Weidman
341 Ontelaunee Trail
Hamburg, Pa. 19526