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Christensen Engineering Co, Milw, Badger engines, Badger Motor Co, Oshkosh---HELP!!

Bud Tierney

One of the auto history sites lists the Ziebell Cyclecar (1914-15) with a small 4 cyl Badger water cooled engine by Christensen Eng'grg Co of Milwaukie, who did build a line of Badger industrial horizontal and farm-type hopper-cooled engines...
I think the site is wrong, that the Ziebell's Badger engine was produced by Badger Motor Co of Oshkosh, a short-lived entity, one of the confusing and/or dizzying array of entities involved in the Termaat & Monahan/Universal Motors tangle (they also had a Badger Manufacturing Co of Oshkosh)...Ziebell was an engineer or something with T & M...as production of any Ziebells is uncertain, it's possible the Badger(Oshkosh) 4 cyl nevr got off the ground, either...
QUESTION: a quick Googling of Christensen finds no auto type 4cyl inline advertised...if anyone has engine books listing Christensen, or knows Christensen history, did they ever produce a 4cyl inline, such as a 21/2x31/2 light car/whatever motor???