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Chrome Incognito - cant see my topics in forum


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I recently had to switch to the Chrome browser (work related). It has an incognito mode and when I use that on SmokStak I can't see any of the topics to which I have added comments. Has anyone else noticed something similar. I use a bookmark to http://www.smokstak.com/forum/search.php?do=getdaily. Chrome in regular mode lets me see them OK. Just curious.


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Incognito mode prevents browser from supplying neccessary log in info. Choice is one or other.


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The forum relies on cookies and browser sessions to track when you were here last and what you've already looked at.

Incognito mode deletes this information when closing the tab, where normal mode remembers it.

Also if you are accessing this from a company computer, incognito mode does not protect you against other forms of employee supervision that may be in use. For instance, DNS logging will reveal what site you are visiting and cannot be blocked without seriously breaking the computer's internet functionality. Transparent proxies can also be used to intercept any http traffic- although I see that Smokestak is using https and as such requires more elaborate means to intercept. Not impossible, indeed deployments capable of it exist, just takes a bit more effort to do. Feats like a company-policy trusted root certificate that can be used as a trust anchor to spoof the certificates of anything else and allow evil sysadmins to intercept even encrypted data for auditing.