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Classic Old Tractor Photos

Jeff Wahl

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A "Classic Old Engine Photos" thread exists on the Antique Gas Engine Discussion board. So I thought why not create one in Lugs and Cleats as a place to share vintage photos of early tractors. I'll get it started with a large cabinet photo of a IHC 45 Mogul tractor...



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Hi Jeff

I have an original operator's manual to one of these early 45 Mogul tractors.
A lot of people don't realize this early 45 Mogul was Hit & Miss and not throttle governed

I also have a parts book with this tractor in it. I've been helping a collector look up all the drawings for this tractor as he is in the process of making patterns and castings to recreate one of these. I made the crankshaft pattern some years ago and I'm pretty sure a crankcase has been poured and possibly machined by now for it. It's quite the project.

LeRoy :wave:

Stuart Landry

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Hello Fredrich,
The tractor in your first picture is a Four cylinder, three wheel drive Saunderson ,
made in the UK , There is one out here in OZ, and i think one in Canada,
Does anyone know of other survivors ?


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1911 Type B. Interesting extra toolbox. Can't wait to get my B out and head for Pawnee!! Thanks for posting.


Mitchell, is that the one with the Rumely sticker on the back you showed me at the Orange Spectacular this year? That is an awesome photo.

Andy Ebling


The Saunderson is located at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Just saw it a couple of weeks ago.

m jorstad

andy yes that is the one i picked up hutch.

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and it does have a nice rumely sticker on the back