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Previously Enginads site was linked to Smokstak for our user names and passwords. Smokstak software has now been modernized with a new supplier and will no longer provide Enginads with this service. SO DO NOT DELETE YOUR ENGINADS COOKIES! Cookies store your user name, password and site preferences. Logging in on Smokstak is no longer an option for Enginads access, however, those that are in the old database will work for the time being. The situation is that the software company that provided the classifieds software has closed up. The software company is no longer selling products nor are they supporting any previous products!

I do have an update for this classified ad software that can access the new Smokstak database and provide the user name and password service, but support is unavailable. It will be a shot in the dark to install it, but it might be worth a try, understanding that the entire package could go down in flames. At any rate, even that update is at end of life.
I am now at a decision point of what I will do now. Try to fix the old unsupported system, or start up a classified ad section here on this system. There is a lot to this and I liked the way the old system worked, however, there are a number of ways to tackle this problem and here is one example.

Unfortunately, this particular package does not have a regimented form for data entry. That results in ads that are extremely short on information with poor results. In other words, here it is, write back and I'll tell you more. Insane! It's the old Who, What, Where, When and Why for writing anything. Give your name, what you are selling, your city and state, when it is available, plus information that will make someone want to buy it rather than be put off and move on. The old ad board pretty much did this, mandating a correct location for one thing. Locations like USA, or even a State are too wide an area.

Anyway, take a look at this, see what you think and let me know...
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I like it, it looks pretty straightforward. I haven't done any selling on engine adds but I have bought several things.

Gene Fisher

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Harry, thanks for all you do for us and maybe the complainers could send money instead of complaints. I have no idea what you have done as i am not too computer savvy but what little i know i love my computer and hate it at the same time. It's not the machine but the user that is the problem.
Harry, like everyone else A BIG THANK YOU for all the work you put into the site. I don't quite understand the future of Enginads, despite your explanation, so let me ask this...

I notice a new section of classifieds at the bottom of the Stak, which is very handy. The old method of clicking back and forth worked, but it was a teensy bit inconvenient. So, will ALL the former categories of Enginads eventually be transferred to the Stak? Right now there are several missing, such as generators, etc..........so will these appear later as you get time?

Again, a huge thanks for all you do. I've pointed many a newcomer to "Harry's" anytime they show an interest in the hobby, and so far it's won several converts!