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Speaking of pulling, there is most likely more editing that needs to be done to correct bad links, etc. I guess I should create a work to do sheet that can be added to as users find dead ends.

Jim Mead

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Harry, I haven't been on in quite some time. Everyone feels much better now, Thank You!
I'll be re-upping my subscription. You deserve a medal, or at least a cold beverage.
The work to reward ratio must be ridiculous. Hang in, Please.....
Jim Mead, Owego, NY (the Harold Sharon rule, for those in the know)

Well I tried to re-up via PayPal with my username (which is my name). I have PayPal One Touch.
It wouldn't load or let me in, so to speak. I'll try again tomorrow, if no go I'll send a check.
Thought you would want to know. I sure hope you don't have a lot of trouble with the all
important money gathering functions....... Jim
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Gil Garceau

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Thanks for all you do , Harry.

Please tell me why I just created and published an ad and while the title shows up, that is all I can see!


How do I update my subscription with PayPal and not have to agree to auto-renewal debiting?
Last year I gave $60 on January 1.

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Mike in NC

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Gil, when I renewed via Paypal, it did the same thing to me. Then I went in and changed the auto-renew. I forget where at on Paypal, but it gives the steps to deactivate the auto-renew.

Chuck Woycke

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It seems that nearly 1/2 of the people complaining aren't even subscribers or above. Just my opinion, but I think if they aren't willing to pay that few cents a day to subscribe, they shouldn't have any right to complain, or maybe even post, for that matter. Also feel should have to be at least a subscriber to post classified ads. :confused:
doug thank you I think the same way their a bunch of free loading trolls harrys site was started for people who liked/worked on old machinery be it tractors/engines/steam ect now its been taken over by people who are to cheap to join don,t have any interest in old things but post their opinions on things just look at the china virus topic or the one about shoes? then they get into flaming each other back and forth they go at each other post after post get a life go out in the garage building ect and work on something post pictures that's what harrys site was started on not post on there is a god/no there isn't its adam and eve no its adam and steve lets bash trump today hes bad no he isn't wow I used to really enjoy this site now it seems its off topic shit not engine related like it used to be years ago harry would travel to the gas engine show in Portland in we would all tlk to him then at noon everybody would meet at the cabin with harry and get as a group our picture taken smoke stak members and it would be posted on smoke stak does anyone rember that I know fred van hook would anyway harry your the greatest thank you i

Ben Busfield

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I am having an issue with trying to post a want add . can someone help at all thank you for your time and help.


Steve Kunz

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I am looking at this on my phone, it may look a little different on a computer.

At the top right of the page click the yellow box that says post thread.

Scroll down to the last section, Engineads Classified ads.

Click on the category you want.

When that page comes up in the upper left is a red box for sale. Click on that and it will give you a choice for sale, wanted, Etc.

Hope this helps, it worked for me.

Tom Herd

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Your post was helpful, and it is not the same on a MacBook Pro lap top. But close enough to get me on the right track.