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Clinton 700A Air Cleaner.


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Hi I am a sponsor on this site. I have both types of air cleaners. I have the clear SAF-T-VUE like shown in the parts list you have. Cost with new bowl and used filter 65.00. With NOS filter and new bowl 82.50, I have a good used hang down all metal air cleaner for 55.00 and a hang down with the clear bowl for 75.00. The bowls are new reproductions. Thanks Jim Jim's Antique Small Engine Parts


Thanks Jim. So you're saying this engine could have been equipped either way? It's the Tillitson carburetor if that makes a difference.


Ok, I think I have it figured out. From looking at photos it appears that engines with updraft air cleaners have the choke lever on top of the carb. Mine has it on the bottom and it would interfere with that type of air cleaner, so mine would need a downdraft air cleaner assembly.