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clinton 727A


If you list the entire model of your engine I can probably tell you what your engine originally powered. Based on the age of your engine it would have had a saf-t-vue oil bath air cleaner, and a stubby muffler. That is a pretty good match on the paint. I have a couple early Clinton's that color. They certainly built a good engine back in the day. What does your engine have for a carburetor, that one on your engine does not look familiar.



727a is the complete model #.Serial # is F0342580.Its a zenith carb,numbers on carb are (not sure on 1st letter/# could be an I,L or a 1,doubt its a 1)l 0658a, 2-17, 6-11.Filter is what came with it,paper filter inside,youd have to replace whole unit as it does not come apart,Thought about tryin to take apart and replace element but would probably wreck it a bit,doesn't seem to be plugged.Id put tank on but am waiting for guy to tig weld the shroud for the Cauffiel as mounting is pretty much the same,course excluding the color which was red on the Cauffiel or at least thats the color it xame with.Also waiting for machinist to finish rod.
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