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Clinton D790 w/ GESCOR Battery charger / 700 watt AC generator


Got at sale yesterday... never seen a dc batt charger and a ac generator on the same machine b4. Am i thinking right that a battery will start the engine too. I like 'em complete like this. Anyone seen this decal b4? Im wondering whats missing being pictured on the decal... maybe a hourglass? I want to make a new decal 4 it.

Not very many clintons on the stak? Thanks 4 any info/comments:salute:



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Re: Clinton D790 w/ GESCOR Battery charger / 700 AC generator

DC charging circuits pretty standard on most gens nowadays. Most DON'T have provisions for starting off batteries being charged though.


I am kinda a Briggs man, but somehow I have wound up with about 8 Clinton engines. Clinton's seem to be very well built. I recently missed out on several big boxes of NOS Clinton engine parts. Half the Clinton I have were just given to me when I bought other brands of engines. I have no problem finding old engines, I just have enough money to buy them all so I try to stick with Briggs engines.

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That is only 8 amp charge rate on 12 volt but it will start on the battery, probably even without a full charge. The button in pix #2 that like like a dimmer switch is most likely a start switch. Used on lots of gennies as well as some IHC equipment.


I have one similar to this that's in unbelievable condition made by Clinton motor Corp, only issue is mine has "sample 2162 " in on the plate in serial number slot so there's no info on it, plz help... I started it and it runs good and looks amazing just need info to date it, not sure if it was a prototype or what..


Re: Clinton D790 w/ GESCOR Battery charger / 700 AC generator

its a 2hp "long life" Clinton engines so they had an hourglass on the decal to show long life. very nice decal!